Welcome, traveler.

Evidently, you have found your way to a place where no man should be. How did you get here? It's simple: your body failed to clip and so you fell into another reality.

Now you are here, in the Backrooms. By now, you have surely noticed the distinct mono-yellow of the rooms, the sanity-leeching humming of the fluorescent bulbs above, the damp carpets on which you tread, and the seemingly endless halls.

This place is much larger than it seems, much, much larger. At an estimated few hundred million square miles, it is likely that you will not meet another soul, at least not for a while. In the meantime, if you hear something other than your own footsteps and breathing, if you hear screaming, a cry for help, the weeping of a young girl, then turn the other way and run like your life depends on it; it most likely does.

But don't worry too much, you're here, we will help to guide you. This wiki is but a culmination of our knowledge and understanding of the Backrooms. Use it, learn from it like the libraries of old, and you may yet survive.

Currently, you're probably on level 0. How many levels are there? We don't know, but many are exploring. There is yet much to discover about these strange halls, much to learn and investigate. Do you have what it takes to help us further our knowledge? Or will you perish like many who failed to heed the warnings of those who came before?

Good luck, explorers, investigators, hermits. May you find safety in the path you travel.

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